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Sapphire Ventures Perspectives

Thoughts And Insights From The Sapphire Ventures Team

Reltio: Making Data Management Cool Again

Master Data Management. If that doesn’t make you jump out of your chair, we understand. After all, compared to the buzz surrounding robotics, AI/ML, drones and the rest of the “cool” areas within technology, data management may not come to mind as the next exciting area of disruption. But, for better or worse, we dig categories that may be deemed less cool — look no further than the enterprise service bus and our investment in MuleSoft.

Rajeev Dham

Apr 19

Portworx — Enabling DevOps To Build And Manage Stateful Container-based Applications

Over the last year, we’ve seen attitudes around containers shift from a state of peak confusion to widespread experimentation and adoption in production use cases. As a driving force in the micro-services and continuous integration/continuous delivery movements, containers represent a paradigm shift for application architecture that is as fundamental as cloud computing and virtualization. The benefits of containers are clear and translate directly to an increase in the enterprise’s ability to seamlessly deliver improved products to customers at a faster clip.

Jai Das

Apr 5

The Anatomy Of A Successful IPO

The generally held belief is that every entrepreneur contemplates becoming a public company and ringing the bell on NYSE or Nasdaq. Going public is a great step in the evolution of the company. But before embarking on the journey to becoming a public company I believe every entrepreneur should have a clear answer when asked “why do you want to go public?”

Jai Das

Mar 29